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Video Ads Masterclass - The Ultimate Video Ads Coaching & Training Course

Video Ads Masterclass will show you step by step how to find an offer, craft a video ad, get the traffic flowing, and start profiting from that traffic and ultimately how to scale those profits. Growing your business will become a straight forward mathematical system by the time you complete this 6-week academy:
  1. Week 1: The Basics & Orientation
  2. Week 2: Targeting Options
  3. Week 3: The Video Ad (scripting and CTA's)
  4. Week 4: Pre-Campaign Setup (Conversions, Retargeting, Etc…)
  5. Week 5: Campaign Setup
  6. Week 6: Reporting and Scaling

When you are done going through this masterclass, you will be a YouTube Ads Expert and can easily create campaigns to grow your business or sell this as a service to other businesses!
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