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We all know that we have tons of XenForo's resources here, but we don't have everything, some others are outdated. It's good to keep everything up to date, so I'm looking for some others who want to have access to up to date resources. This group buy is for XenForo 2 Add-ons.

List add-ons:
All of them will cost about $69.00, but with group buy, each participant will have to pay $18.00.
In case you only want to have access to some of the above resources, I have the cost for each of them:
  • [XFA] Custom Username Icons - XF2 ($3.50 - Lifetime)
  • [XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak - XF2 ($3.50 - Lifetime)
  • [XFA] Trophies Enhancement (categories, icons, more to come...) - XF2 ($5.00 - Lifetime)
  • Thread Thumbnail by AddonsLab ($9.00 - 1 year)
  • [tl] Link Confirmation ($3.00)
As this is the first GB on VietFriend community, I will also give free 2 weeks access to whole package participants the access to following resources:
Note: the bonus will only give out after whole GB was bought

  • Whole package participants will have free access to resources added later.
    • Price may increase as the amount of resources increase so take your seat now.
  • There is no limit on number of participants, the extra amount will be used to purchase requested resources.
  • Updates will depend on each individual product.
    • On lifetime product, you will receive updates for it until the developers stopped.
    • On product that requires renewal, you may have to pay to keep receiving updates.
      • Your update period will only start from the date you purchased - you don't have to worry about you will have shorter update period.
  • Due to the nature of the materials and the fact that these are digital goods, there will be no refunds unless the products aren't delivered.
  • No reselling or sharing these products, if you are caught for suspicious activities, your access will be reverted.
    • It's OK to share these products to your family, friends.
How to pay and participate?
  • We accept payment through Paypal, must send via family and friends.
  • For Vietnamese, I accept payment from MOMO, bank transfer...
Just start a conversation with me to make the payment.

Note: I haven't purchased the above resources yet, you will have to wait, even after the payment. In case, we don't have enough participants, we will refund full amount, so don't worry about you money.

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