A story about an angel comes to our community!!!


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This guy has been a member of our community for a long time, no post, no chat, just to be here to get free stuff, then he found our Premium XenForo 2 Add-ons & Styles, and he asked how to download these resources. Then he figured out that these resources are exclusive in a subscription, then he told me that why I'm selling other people's works. I told him that just to think this as a group buys, what I did is just prepaid those stuff. I asked him did he mean that I have to purchase these stuff and share them freely. I'm not that crazy ;). The funny thing is I can't sell these as he said, but I can share them freely for him to download like what he did. Then he said some bad words, so I asked him that does he need a permanent ban or he can leave on his own. And from his words, I think he means that he wants to leave on his own, but I still give him a permanent banned as a bonus. Should everything end here rights? But the truth is he trying to access our community :ROFLMAO:

I know that what we are doing here is not right, but the truth is the cost to build a community with all the functions is huge, not everyone can afford this cost, even free resources on xenforo.com need licence to download. Just think this subscription as a group buys, at least part of you money will go to developer's wallet. Don't like some fake angels, don't want to pay anything but still want to get things for free, does the money of the above guy go to developer's wallet? And the truth is we need fund to keep this community alive. Thanks to be part of our community!!!

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