1. dinhphucv

    [cXF] Bookmark Post Bottom 1.0.0

    Description: Add bookmark link to post bottom with some extra options. Features: show phrase only show phrase and icon show icon only hide bookmark link to menu when on mobile view Screens: ... or show bookmark link with icon: ... or only icon: ... show it on mobile: ... or hide...
  2. dinhphucv

    [tl] Post Reply 1.0.3

    Allow reply post in more levels. Content Types Supported: Post Profile Post (upcoming) Permissions: N/A Options: N/A Live Demo: Image Demo: With old threads is not enabled util you rebuild Post reply meta data (you can see the option in Tools >...
  3. dinhphucv

    Advanced Attachment System (AAS) 2.3.2

    If you like this add-on, rate it. This helps others to make decisions. If you have any ideas or suggestions don't hesitate and write to me. DEMO Advanced Attachment System (AAS) has SEO, PDF-Preview, Attachment options for specific forums, QR-Code and more... Features: Watermark for Images -...
  4. dinhphucv

    [XD] Hide User Cell On First Post 1.0.1

    I'll walk you through the steps to hide user cell on the first post with use this add-on. 1. Install Add-on 2. Set Options 3. Check Result,
  5. dinhphucv

    [XFA] Like Or Reply To View Attachment 1.0.0

    Description Blocks download of attachments until users have liked or replied to the post. Features Hide attachments thumbnail Thumbnail replacement image url Require like in order to view attachment (and/or) Require post reply in order to view attachment Excluded forums Excluded usergroups...