[XFA] Core - XF2

[XFA] Core - XF2 1.5.9

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  • New form row/element macros:
    • FA picker
    • Date and time input
    • Duration input
    • Enhanced color picker with JS callback support upon color selection
  • Extension of node entity/repository in order to always retrieve LastPoster information as entity along node
  • Extension of XF services:
    • Thread creator: new function to allow definition of the poster
    • Thread replier: new function to allow definition of the poster
  • PayPal Adaptive payment solution with adequate xF services
  • Finder trait to allow where condition removal
  • Option class who allow select
    • RM Categories
    • MG Categories
Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
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Latest updates

  1. Maintenance release

    Corrected bugs: Presence of some errorneous .min.min or .min.min.min js files Modifications...
  2. 1.5.8

    Add of fontawesome-iconpicker version 3.2.0 (to allow add-ons FA 5.5.0 compatibility upgrade)
  3. Maintenance release

    Corrected bugs: Missing styles directory in release archive