Link Directory (LD2)

Link Directory (LD2) 1.0.0 b5

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(LD2) Link Directory is an application designed for XenForo 2. With this app you gain new possibility to enhanceyour community.

Feature list:
  • Link directory is fully rights based
  • Clicks on links are counted
  • Links can be "liked"
  • Links can be "rated"
  • Links can be "bumped" (VIP)
  • VIP Payment
  • Backlink checker
  • Status checker
  • Preventing double links
  • Links can be moved within the categories
  • Links can be reported
  • Link owner can be changed
  • Claim a link
  • Custom Fields
  • Tags for Links
  • Read title and meta description from URL
  • Thumb automatically generated or per upload
  • Prefixes for Links
  • Categories can be created, edited, and deleted incl SubCategories
  • separate display below the category for "My links"
  • optional domain blacklist (with wildcard (*) support)
  • optional settable "noFollow"
  • Sidebar Wideget
  • Search function
  • and more and more and more...
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